Our Activities

Main Activities:

Ship Repair, Marine Electrical & Electronics Repairs, Parts Recondition, Spare Part Arrangement, General Ship Supply, Marine Specialty Supplies & Service and total logistic support to overseas ship owner in Bangladesh.

1. Chittagong Marine has experience of ship repairer & supplies under various ship owners at Bangladesh & abroad

2. Chittagong marine has experience of providing local logistic support to foreign ship owner. Such services include providing office support, administrative personnel, and supply of provision, toiletries, linen, cleaning, washing materials, supply & hiring of Local equipment, transport including heavy vehicles, supplied of skilled & unskilled manpower, fitter, welder, engineers & other local personnel, local banking & legal support etc.

3. Ship repair, Parts recondition, Spare Parts, supply of provision, Deck & Engine stores, Hardware to ocean going vessel in a major activity.